Norfolk - a Smart Hub of Technology? Possibilities and Solutions.

by Jackie Aarons | May 10, 2018

Smart City, smart city technology, Facilities Management, Smart City Solutions, Smart Office Solutions, Norfolk, Norfolk Day

As we head towards our first Norfolk Day in July, we celebrate some amazing businesses in this region. The people who run these companies are proud of what they aspire to and have total dedication to achieving their dreams and goals. It's no different for us here at enLight®. We Design, Manufacture and build all of our products in Loddon.

Smart FM - Asset Monitoring

by Gary Atkinson | Apr 30, 2018

Facilities Management, Smart Office Solutions

In previous blogs we've discussed ways to reduce energy consumption, make savings through better space utilisation and looked at considerations for maximising resources outside the building, but how about those assets we already have? It's a great idea to be able to measure and monitor some of the equipment that is already in situ and to make sure it's being managed and maintained in the most efficient way. Being able to gather data on assets means that you can keep on top of their performance and ensure that they're maintained to prevent disruptive failure, which is costly financially and in terms of down time. Assets that need servicing at regular intervals can be monitored to investigate whether time between services can be extended reducing costs and manpower.

Issues Facing Facilities Management - one year on

by Gary Atkinson | Apr 24, 2018

Facilities Management, Smart Office Solutions

It's almost been a year since we presented at Think FM2017. We spoke about a number of issues Facilities Management face on a day to day basis and looked at ways technology can take on these challenges, enLight Think FM 2017 presentation.

As we prepare for this year's event we've taken a look at what is current for Facilities Management and how our new product range will address these challenges of reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Think FM 2018 - Visit enLight

by Gary Atkinson | Apr 20, 2018

Lighting, Facilities Management, energy saving, Smart Office Solutions

Fast approaching on 1st May 2018 is the annual Think FM event in London. Without doubt, if you are involved in Facilities Management, in any capacity, this is an event not to be missed. There'll be numerous sessions covering topical subjects within the Facilities Management field such as;

Energy Reduction a Smart FM Office Solution

by Gary Atkinson | Mar 16, 2018

Facilities Management, Smart Office Solutions

Managing energy reduction and utilities is close to the top of most businesses agendas these days. We're all being asked to find ways to reduce consumption, use energy more efficiently, recycle, reuse and above all save costs. It's not as easy as it might seem. There are a number of devices available that help you measure energy consumption in order to identify heavy use areas but they often rely on manpower to physically go around testing usage in different departments and buildings. The data collected isn't always accurate and not carried out in real time. It can show you how much you're using and where, but doesn't actively help you to reduce consumption.

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