News: enLight selected as provider to 2 of the 7 Dept. of Transport funded SMART Places Live Labs

by Gary Atkinson | Jan 31, 2019

Smart City, smart city technology, Smart City Solutions

It was announced today by Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, that 7 local authorities that applied for a share of £22.9m to fund Live Labs for Smart Places and /or Smart Roads, have been successful. Two of those are county councils that we have been working closely with for a while now and enLight has been officially named as a partner to 2 of the winning proposals.

Norfolk - a Smart Hub of Technology? Possibilities and Solutions.

by Jackie Aarons | May 10, 2018

Smart City, smart city technology, Facilities Management, Smart City Solutions, Smart Office Solutions, Norfolk, Norfolk Day

As we head towards our first Norfolk Day in July, we celebrate some amazing businesses in this region. The people who run these companies are proud of what they aspire to and have total dedication to achieving their dreams and goals. It's no different for us here at enLight®. We Design, Manufacture and build all of our products in Loddon.

Smart Cities deserve smarter buying – Why a new approach to buying may be needed

by Gary Atkinson | Sep 15, 2017

Smart City, Lighting, smart city technology, energy saving, Smart City Solutions

Budgets within the public sector are a continuing challenge, there is no sign that changes to funding are going to improve within the foreseeable future, if anything further ‘efficiencies’ will continue to be sought. We all understand that the overall size of the cake has reduced, but what makes investment for the long term even harder is the way budgets are allocated and accounted for. This can drive unintended consequences and have the perverse outcome of creating inefficiencies.

How Smart Cities can address Adult Care challenges

by Gary Atkinson | Jul 21, 2017

Smart City, smart city technology

Over the last few months we have been talking about the challenge of deploying a smart city network that can grow as needs and budget allow. We would like to see existing infrastructure leveraged to create that network and in our mind the front runner is street lighting - it offers mains power in the street that is notoriously difficult to get permission for and it provides a 5-12m aerial position for greater radio range from one post to another.

What's the Deal with our New Smart City Pilot Kit?

by Gary Atkinson | Jun 23, 2017

Smart City, smart city technology

Last week we announced our first solution for Smart City applications aptly titled the Smart City Pilot Kit. The goal of the kit is to allow city, district and county councils to experiment with data capture technologies and use that data to support a business case as to why they should invest in a larger scale deployment.

Data, Insights and Policy Leadership

by Gary Atkinson | Jun 14, 2017

Smart City, smart city technology

Public Lighting as a Strategic Asset: Who Benefits and How?

by Gary Atkinson | May 16, 2017

Smart City, Lighting, smart city technology

In my last post, I proposed turning streetlights or public lighting from being a cost burden, purely a line in the highways budget, into a smart city (you can read town, village or campus here too) connectivity backbone that all departments in the local authority or municipality could benefit from.  By investing a bit more money during the streetlight upgrade program - many public bodies are looking to invest in their lighting in order to save energy and maintenance costs - the new lighting can be augmented with a radio node to create a wireless network to which a whole host of sensors and controllers can be attached.

Lowering the Cost of Public Lighting

by Gary Atkinson | May 10, 2017

Smart City, Lighting

The Local Authority choice: Lights off or change to LED?

Most local authorities, municipalities or councils today believe that they have to choose one of two options for lowering the total cost of providing public lighting on highways, car parks and footpaths; namely, either turn lights off at night when there are not many people out and about or replace all their lanterns with an LED version. Let's look at each option in turn and assess the total impact of that particular decision and whether there is a very cost effective 3rd option?

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