To archive or not to archive? That is the question! Lightening the Load (in the storage area).

by Jackie Aarons | Jul 26, 2017

smart city technology


enLight® (officially Select Innovations Limited) has come a long way in its 17 year history. From an initial multi-award winning idea for dimming a fluorescent lamp using technology which has never been surpassed to this day to our current 50% energy saving street and car park Lanterns and Smart City range of Sensors.

Also within the 17 year history comes a lot of archived technology and hardware stored in boxes on shelves in an unused part of the warehouse. The time has come to sort and clear this area to make way for new office space for an expanding workforce which has doubled in the last two years and to fit some new machinery on the ground floor to update our production area.

So what do you keep for the archive? And what do you send to the bin? Some will look at the sea of boxes and say "throw it all in the skip" but on sorting through these boxes you see handmade gems of technology which mean a whole lot to the people who spent the time building them. These 'gems' are very much part of the products we sell today. The one thing you do notice is how much better the quality of materials were in previous years but also how out of date and how large everything seems to be! Components, enclosures, PCB's even old PC's. They are all huge! Does anybody have a use these days for a pile of 3M floppy disc, a SunSparc system, an IBM computer or a bunch of Apple bits and bobs or even a 30 year old power supply anymore? And are these worth anything? Get in touch if you think they are!

We also found some old 1960's Christmas candle lamps which belonged to my Grandfather. These were destined for the bin. "Lets power them up see if they work" we said. They did and are now safely wrapped up in a new box labelled 'Archive'.

So not only has enLight® come along way but technology certainly has too and one thing's for sure, regardless of size or quality of the components used, the same fundamental basics are always in there somewhere.

The result today was not only a full trade bin full of trash but also a place on a new shelf for the company history known as 'Archive'. Some things just have to be kept - for now at least.

With great excitement on finding this today I will leave you with a picture of the Varo board prototype which starting the ball rolling with our sister company Select Software Ltd in 1992 and put enLight® where it is today. A demo lighting controller developed for the amusement arcades in Great Yarmouth.

If you would like to know more about our Smart City Technology or if you need to save money on your car park lighting (or even need an updated version of a light controller!) download our brochure at to see what enLight® can do for you.

Jackie Aarons Office Manager

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