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by Gary Atkinson | Apr 20, 2018

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Fast approaching on 1st May 2018 is the annual Think FM event in London. Without doubt, if you are involved in Facilities Management, in any capacity, this is an event not to be missed. There'll be numerous sessions covering topical subjects within the Facilities Management field such as;

  • The commercial world of FM – disrupting the race to the bottom.

  • How does FM grow more profitable in the face of disruptors?

  • Is workplace the answer? 

Insight From Industry Leaders

You can expect to hear plenty of thought provoking insight from leading industry professionals who will be asking questions and giving their opinions on the future landscape of Facilities Management. Key to many of the discussion topics is how automation and smart technology will become an integral part of organisations' future FM needs in terms of energy management, cost efficiencies and creating better workplaces. To that end, enLight will be attending and exhibiting at Think FM to showcase how our products and services address these soon to be fundamental requirements with your Facilities Management projects.

Visit enLight at Think FM

The team from enLight will be on hand at the event to give live demonstrations of our products, offer helpful advice and answer any questions you may have. Some of the categories we will be focussing on at the event are;

Smart Facilities Management - Thinking Outside the Building, here we can show you how to light, measure and monitor your outdoor building space. We will demonstrate how an energy efficient lighting network can drive down costs whilst keeping your employees in a safe and secure environment. 

Energy Reduction, the enLight team will be demonstrating a number of ways energy consumption can be reduced at a more local level within a building. Metering usually stops at a per building level whereas it could be done at a floor, office or even appliance level. We'll show you how remote switching allows managers to cut the supply when it is not needed, such as vending machines running over the weekend, and how high power assets can also be added to any Demand Side Response programs as switchable loads.

Space Utilisation, optimising the space used in commercial property is an ongoing challenge. How many people are in the meeting room? Did anyone turn up even though it was booked? Does anyone actually use the “Team
Collaboration” area? We can show you how adding sensors can answer these questions and help increase the efficient use of valuable space. 

Asset Monitoring, augmenting legacy assets that have no digital communications capability and adding them to the Building Management System (BMS).  Assets may include AHUs, boilers, water tanks, HVAC, chillers, pumps, motors and fans. 

Asset Tracking, find out how to keep track of tools, keys, trolleys, equipment or people. A lost set of master keys can cost thousands in replaced locks. A misplaced sack barrow is not the end of the world but is an inconvenience and wastes time and effort to find. If you know where people are then you can offer them location based information pertinent to them at that time like where the nearest printer is, how to get to the meeting room they have never been to before and set their preferences at the hot desk they have chosen for the day.

Productivity Increases, Given that staff costs are your single biggest expense inside a typical office, maximising their productivity is a much sought after goal. The environment in which we work can have a tremendous impact and that can be down to the air quality, the light colour temperature, noise levels, localised temperature and humidity amongst other. We'll show you how to monitor these elements at an office or desk level with the distribution of low cost sensors.

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Visit the enLight stand at Think FM to see how we can help you address some of these challenges in the workplace and in turn drive down costs and energy consumption.


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