Smart Facilities Management - Thinking Outside the Building.

by Gary Atkinson | Apr 09, 2018

Facilities Management


Lit CarparkAs covered in previous blogs, there are a number of excellent cost, energy and manpower savings to made within your smart office building's infrastructure when using an enLight® system. It doesn't stop there though, enLight offers a number of beneficial solutions when it comes to your outside space, to complement and extend your enLight network further. With the network extending out into the grounds, it is now possible to monitor and control car park and footpath lighting, take air quality measurements, measure the pavement and road temperature for gritting, warn of localised flooding, monitor noise levels and provide hyper local micro-climate information. One can also extend the Location Based Services and asset tracking enabled by the radio nodes, from building to building and across the outside space, effectively blanketing the entire campus. All this data can be fed into the BMS or management platform for improved efficiencies, energy reduction and lowered costs.

Smart FM Solutions - Lighting with deployed Sensors

There are a number of issues faced by the facilities management team when it comes to using energy efficiently, cutting costs and keeping the environment safe and secure for employees and visitors. The first priority would be to ensure that the lighting system meets all these demands. By upgrading your existing lighting system and installing a network of sensing products it's possible to create a dynamic infrastructure to address this.

A PIR sensor is a simple solution to provide lighting as and when it's required. By picking up movement, the lights will illuminate only when they sense motion or according to preset timings, ensuring that energy use is minimised. When lights are activated unexpectedly this data is logged and can be analysed for any additional useful information. To save energy further, only parts of car parks could be lit to encourage shift workers to park close to the building and closer together which will also improve security as there is less space to monitor with CCTV.

With the external lights augmented with a Dolfin® Pro, the radio and photocell node that mounts atop the light fitting, the Bluetooth based asset tracking platform is extended across the campus. Now "Find my way" apps can direct between buildings as well as within them and assets that move from building to building can be tracked everywhere and not just inside their home building.

Knowing how many people are in or have passed through an area is often a useful measurement to know and a footfall sensor can give you that data. Mounting one above each entrance or exit would provide the total number of people in a building whether or not they are an employee or visitor and can help meet occupancy limits or correlate evacuation numbers during an emergency.

Protecting employee safety is a key responsibility of any employer and once they are on company property, every effort needs to be made to keep employees safe. During cold spells, frost and black ice pose a risk but it is not always evident to the naked eye so being able to measure the actual temperature of the ground is a better determination of whether the path and/or road surfaces need to be treated with grit or salt. Clearly, putting thermometers on the ground has practical limitations which is where enLight's Contactless Temperature Sensor really comes into its own.

It is one of the real strengths of the enLight platform that any investment now can always be expanded on and enhanced by deploying additional sensors or controllers or extending out from one building to another and covering the spaces in between. If you would like to know more about enLight products, cost savings and energy efficiencies please smart facilities management


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