Norfolk - a Smart Hub of Technology? Possibilities and Solutions.

by Jackie Aarons | May 10, 2018

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As we head towards our first Norfolk Day in July, we celebrate some amazing businesses in this region. The people who run these companies are proud of what they aspire to and have total dedication to achieving their dreams and goals. It's no different for us here at enLight®. We Design, Manufacture and build all of our products in Loddon.

Our award win last year prompted our local journalist EDP's Bethany Whymark to contact us for a follow up visit to see what our own dreams and goals are for the next few months ahead.

We believe both Norfolk and Suffolk's local authorities could be major trendsetters in creating fantastic Smart Towns and Cities using technology with their current streetlight infrastructure to provide real data feedback making these towns more efficient and cost effective.

By pulling all of the relevant departments together within these local authorities they will see how the benefits can stack up. For instance not only can the Highways department save on Street lighting costs and resources, Social Care could also use the Sensor technology in the Mesh Network to potentially send alerts to the elderly within their own homes, providing carers with more information. Or a Car Park lighting upgrade could be connected to an Office Building to again bring Sensor technology internally to provide data on the the best Space Utilisation, Asset tracking or Plant Room monitoring. What would you like to see in your local Smart City or Town?

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As said in the article we have a number of Councils talking to us about their plans and ideals, we know how technology moves forward quickly it would be great to see these local authorities make the jump and set that trend. Perhaps our own County of Norfolk could be the one to raise the bar?

Many thanks to EDP Business, Bethany Whymark and Nick Burton for taking the time to visit us.

Jackie Aarons - Office Manager


Below is the article in full.EDP



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