Medway Council Innovation Workshop

by Gary Atkinson | Aug 07, 2017

smart city technology


Last week saw enLight embark on the first of our series of Smart City Innovation workshops for local authorities. We spent the day in Chatham with Medway Council for what turned out to be a highly energetic and engaging session which identified some options for how Medway Council could apply new Smart City solutions to address some of the current and emerging challenges they face as a fast growing combination.

Medway Council were very open and frank with the challenges they face and the session opened up some extremely valuable discussions about how to utilise existing infrastructure in new ways, what investments could be made to create new and exciting usage models and most importantly, what are the social and economic challenges and outcomes of any investment.

The session concluded with a real sense of opportunity to embrace innovation and explore short term options to make the built environment a significant asset, one that works with the citizens and not against them. We agreed a five step process to test assumptions and gather data to prove the business model.

Discovery – Assess existing capabilities and identify strategic vulnerabilities against desired outcomes·

Create a cross functional team – skills from key teams are essential to produce a workable plan·

Mapping strategic priorities – Plot capabilities against the strategic plan and agree priorities·

Scope a pilot and evaluation – Identify at least one site that can deploy and monitor a solution·

Plan to scale – Create an upgrade plan for scaling as objectives are satisfied

During the coming months we will delivering several more Innovation Workshops, part of our plan is to consolidate the information shared with us to produce a ‘Readiness Index’ for Councils that sets out common challenges and approaches, the goal is to provide clear, practical options for councils to start deploying their Own Unique Smart City.

If you would be interested in running a free Smart City innovation workshop please contact us at or download the details here



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