Lighten up! Sensing changes in the environment. An Update on recent events.

by Jackie Aarons | Aug 14, 2017

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Slightly relieved to be out and about this week showcasing various pieces of enLight® kit at an event which brought together lots of interesting and interested people all for the same reason to demonstrate their new ideas in the world of technology. 

After my recent blog explaining about changes here at our offices in Norfolk we left last Monday morning to lots of clanging metal banging and crashing of various levels and some of our staff members pleading to come to the event with us so as not to endure the building works! “Its only for this week keep looking forward to the new office space” I said. (on reflection it would have been a good plan to set up a noise level sensor in the warehouse area to add a different angle on data feedback!) 

The building team fitted the new floor professionally finishing the task on day three so all was calm upon our return on Thursday. We are now well on our way to the new office layout.

Our demo for the event this week consisted of three enLight® HID lanterns all fitted with The enLight® HID Retrofit Kit which is a combination of the enLight® entelli-Ballast™ and the enLight® DOLFin® Pro. These are installed into new or relatively new lanterns to make them up to twice as power efficient and make HID lamps (SON or Metal Halide) last 2-3 times longer. Instead of throwing perfectly good lighting fixtures into a skip, the HID Retrofit Kit gives lanterns a new, much more efficient extended lease of life. These were fitted with our newest range of sensors (two on each lantern) and this was all controlled by the enTalk remote management system.

Lantern 1 included a Noise level and PIR sensor 

Lantern 2 Micro-climate and non contact temperature sensor

Lantern 3 non contact temperature and PIR sensor

By deploying a demo in a real street environment albeit in an internal setting this enabled us to get some interesting real time data. 

For example the PIR sensor detected a great range of people traffic movement due to the large attendance numbers. The non contact temperature sensor demonstrated how we could detect internal, object and ambient temperature simultaneously not only for environment sensing but to ensure maintenance crews are kept up to date. The micro climate sensor logged some interesting data of air pressure, humidity and ambient temperature especially before, during and after the storm which passed over on Tuesday. As for the noise level sensor we can certainly tell you the exact times of the keynote speeches!

The graphs below show the contactless temperature sensor and the Lantern light level and voltage feedback.


 IMG_0145       IMG_0143-1.jpg


Armed with this data maintenance teams can customise their plans saving time making key decisions without having to travel to a particular location. As always the lamps lit up with their usual super soft switch on, proven reliability and energy saving qualities these were very much stars of the show.

After an enjoyable time at a very well organised event our tasks next week back at the office will be analysing this data and adding any new updates where needed. 

Jackie Aarons Office Manager


If you need to save money on your car park or street lighting or would like to know more about our HID Retrofit Kit Spec or our range of sensors visit our website at

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