Light at the end of the tunnel! Building a Smart Future!

by Jackie Aarons | Jan 02, 2018

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So it’s clear people have different views, this is what keeps ideas fresh, with a different angle on things solutions to problems can always be found?! This certainly came to light as we are nearing the end of the alteration works here at our office in Norfolk. The floor is in, the ceilings are up and the updated production machines have been ordered following the plan set in place a few months ago.

The challenge here lies in what to do with the new space. Do we separate the office space or have open plan? Where do we position the inline production machinery? All questions which need communication and planning. Starting a conversation it seems that everyone at enLight® has an idea on how the finished layout will be. The difficulty here is that every idea is different! 

After a full on debate we now have the layout of all of the new areas planned. We have extended the Production and Office space, and have a new Research & Development section. We plan to install a selection of our own Sensors within the Office space to assist with case studies and also a real time live demo to show clients when onsite. In addition to this we will update our external lighting with our own enLight Lanterns. Replacing these fittings will achieve a 10 yr anniversary of the lamps inside! A great achievement in itself this is due to our own award winning energy saving ballast technology and it’s soft start up. These lamps will be installed into the new fittings to further prove their longevity.

Reflecting on the positives of 2017, along with the office refit our recent investment has given us the opportunity to update our production line enabling us to stay current with Surface Mount Technology and be as efficient as possible when the orders come through. 

The new production line has arrived and is currently being installed. This week sees a very intense training session with all three machines, a lot of information to process hopefully by Friday we should have the knowledge to put it all into practice. Our older machines have done a great job but we now look forward to having a more up to date look with machines that can cope with the volume of an expanding company.

Our DOLFin® has also been updated to the DOLFin® PRO. The new version is packed with a whole range of extra features, additional sensors and Bluetooth technology. This clearly is the intelligent part of the kit!

The positive vibe continued as a few months ago we were informed that we were shortlisted for the EDP Business Awards. After an initial written entry form, a judging slot and a short filming session The exciting journey concluded at the awards ceremony with a win for enLight® in the Enviro-Technologies Category! This means a great deal to us and is very much for the Team at our office in Loddon. It was a lovely Sparkly evening celebrating some amazing Norfolk Companies all extremely proud of their achievements. Well done to you all!

Looking forward to the new year we are nicely set up for the next chapter and to building our ‘Smart future’ here at enLight®.

If you are currently looking to install Smart Facilities Management Technology or need a Smart City Solution more information can be found on our website

I leave you with a picture of the updated Production line.

Happy New Year!

Jackie Aarons - Office Manager

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