Issues Facing Facilities Management - one year on

by Gary Atkinson | Apr 24, 2018

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It's almost been a year since we presented at Think FM2017. We spoke about a number of issues Facilities Management face on a day to day basis and looked at ways technology can take on these challenges, enLight Think FM 2017 presentation.

Considerations for Smart Facility Management

As we prepare for this year's event we've taken a look at what is current for Facilities Management and how our new product range will address these challenges of reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Our sensing products remain key to the infrastructure of an enLight Network.  In 2018 we are very pleased to announce that, as predicted, whilst expanding our product range, we have reduced the cost of build, improved the performance and enhanced the connectivity.

Focus Areas for Smart Facilities Management 2018

Asset Monitoring

Measure and monitor the performance and consumption of assets including legacy assets with limited connectivity, typical assets could include AHUs, boilers, water tanks, HVAC, chillers, pumps, motors and fans.

External Monitoring

Our products can be deployed in your outdoor space to ensure security as well as the safety and well being of staff. Thinking Outside the Building.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of important items, equipment, employees, etc., enabling you to save costs in the prevention of lost items and/or to direct employees to particular rooms or automatically set preferences for their hot-desk station.

Energy Reduction

Managing energy is probably one of the most critical challenges faced by Facilities Managers today. Our sensors enable you to monitor energy consumption at a local level and automate the usage of power so that it is only used when needed. Check out our blog here. Energy Reduction - a Smart Office Solution

Increasing Productivity

Staff costs are usually an organisation's largest expenditure and so creating an environment that enables your teams to work at their best is paramount, whether that be monitoring the air quality, temperature, light and noise levels, enLight have the products to do this.

Space Utilisation

It can be difficult to evaluate just how the space within your facility is being used and often energy and resource may be being put to use where it's not needed. Sensors from enLight can help you identify high and low use zones and modify how you utilise them in the future to save on energy costs and resource.  Read more on space utilisation.

Lighting the Way to Smart Facilities Management

Learn more about how to deploy Smart FM and schedule some time to meet with us at ThinkFM. 

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