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by Gary Atkinson | Mar 16, 2018

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Managing energy reduction and utilities is close to the top of most businesses agendas these days. We're all being asked to find ways to reduce consumption, use energy more efficiently, recycle, reuse and above all save costs. It's not as easy as it might seem. There are a number of devices available that help you measure energy consumption in order to identify heavy use areas but they often rely on manpower to physically go around testing usage in different departments and buildings. The data collected isn't always accurate and not carried out in real time. It can show you how much you're using and where, but doesn't actively help you to reduce consumption.

At enLight we've developed a number of Smart FM products specifically designed to overcome this issue. Connected, intelligent devices that will send accurate real time data according to what you want to know with the added ability to set up energy usage patterns and control power remotely.

enlight energy reduction smart fm office solution

Following is a brief overview of three such products within the Smart FM range and how they might be used:

enAct Power Controller

The enAct Power Controller is a versatile device enabling you to identify exact power consumption within designated areas and spaces. This provides real-time energy usage as well as a number of other variables such as active, reactive and apparent power, true RMS current and RMS voltage, frequency and power factor. For example, in a shared space, it's possible to identify the usage and costs associated to each individual space enabling you to then cross bill according to their consumption and also if using an Occupancy Sensor, turn off power remotely when the area is unoccupied.  Download the enAct Power Controller Spec Sheet.

enAct High Power Asset Controller

This device is particularly useful to understand and control the consumption of energy of the high power assets in an organisation such as the HVAC system, fridges, freezers, hot water tank, etc. These items are permanently switched on, use a lot of power and are slow to react and so are normally never turned off. They can be used more efficiently though and once connected inline with an enAct High Power Asset Monitor, that the asset can be taken off power temporarily as part of a Demand Side Response program. This is where assets such as hot water tanks, chillers or freezers can be aggregated together as a load that can be flexed as the grid demands, giving the benefit of claiming payback from the National Grid. Each enAct™device can be connected to a DOLFin® Pro for Enterprise, either individually, or as a cluster of devices and use the mesh network to communicate with the rest of the system as well as the BMS being used. Download the enAct High Power Asset Controller Spec Sheet.

enAct Appliance Monitor

The enAct Appliance Monitor device enables you to accurately measure and manage the power consumption of appliances that are plugged in to standard 3-pin sockets, for example, vending machines, printers, coffee machines, etc.. Often these appliances are left on when not required, vending machines will keep drinks chilled all weekend when no one is there and there's no need. From the data retrieved it's then possible to set rules in the system so that appliances automatically turn off say on a Friday evening and kick back into life at 7am on a Monday morning if that's the identified down time. This efficient use of energy is not only reducing your carbon footprint but represents some substantial savings to your business.


Networked and enabled by enTalk mesh network

All of the above capabilities are enabled by the enLight enTalk mesh network that builds out as the devices are installed. Often, a core connectivity backbone is deployed as part of a lighting upgrade platform which we will cover in a future post. Between the lighting and the energy management devices, an entire building can be blanketed with wireless connectivity that can be used for other efficiency programs like asset management for preventative maintenance or space utilisation optimisation.


Monitor and Manage you Energy Consumption

To conclude, if you want to be able to accurately understand, monitor and manage, in detail, your organisation's energy consumption and use the data to make effective changes and savings, then a fully deployed enLight network with an LED lighting upgrade will provide this. For more information about the cost benefits and products available please get in touch.


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